Costumes Beginning with Y

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If you’re looking for some costumes beginning with Y then you’ve come to the right place. Star Wars fans will automatically think of Yoda and he’s certainly a popular ‘Y’ costume, but there are a few more including one of my childhood favorites – Yogi Bear!

I compiled this page along with a number of others as resource pages for anyone who’s been invited to an alphabet party. I used to get invited to a lot of alphabet parties when I was in my 20s and I think it’s high time they caught on again! In a nutshell you have to dress up as something beginning with a particular letter and if you’re on this webpage then the letter chosen is the letter Y! I have other webpages available that cover the rest of the letters of the alphabet, but let’s look at costumes beginning with Y right now.

Fancy Dress Ideas Starting with Y

  • Yankee – From a northern Yankee soldier in the Civil War to Yankee Doodle Dandy or even a NY Yankee player or fan, there’s lots of options with this.   You could even shorten it to Yank and go as a member of the US forces past or present.
  • Yellow (M&M)
  • Yellow Power Ranger
  • Yeti
  • Yoda – Yoda is an iconic Star Wars character and if you can spout off his words of wisdom then this is the costume for you, if you can’t think of anything ‘yodaish’ to say just stick to – I cannot teach him!

 Adult Yoda Costume Yogi Bear Mascot Costume Adults Yeti Costume


  • Yoga Instructor – Simply wear a pair of yoga pants, a tank top and you could add a few scarves for a hippy vibe or a bandana for a more serious hardcore yoga instructor.
  • Yogi Bear
  • Yoko Ono – wear a hippy costume, long black hair and big dark round glasses
  • Yoshi – a cool costume idea from Super Mario World, but which color Yoshi will you be?   Green, Red, Blue or Yellow.
  • Yuppie – Dress up as an upwardly mobile professional from the 80s, try and get one of the ‘brick’ style phones to really set off the costume.

Fun selection of costume ideas beginning with Y