Cool Halloween Cocktails

Cool Halloween Cocktails that you and your guests are sure to enjoyThere are some really cool Halloween cocktails to enjoy and I think Halloween is a great excuse to dress up your drinks in Halloween style!  Cocktails are always served at my parties but when it comes to Halloween parties I find mixing the cocktails even more fun!

There are so many Halloween cocktails to choose from including the classic Bloody Brain or Brain Haemorrhage shooters that just look gruesome to the cool looking Halloween Screwdriver and more besides.

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The Halloween Screwdriver is so easy to make as it simply has two ingredients – black vodka and orange juice.   Blavod vodka is a vodka that is black in color because of the use of black catechu that is used in making it, this does change the complexity of the flavor, but the rewards in looks (especially at Halloween) more that make up for this.

The Halloween Screwdriver

3 oz Blavod black vodka

3 oz orange juice

Fill a collins glass with ice and pour in the orange juice, the next step is to slowly float the Blavod onto the top.   The end result is a drink that is orange on the bottom and black on the top – a perfect Halloween cocktail!

I would love to try this, but unfortunately I can’t get hold of Blavod vodka where I live so I have to enjoy seeing other people post their cool Halloween cocktail images instead!

More Cool Halloween Cocktails

There are so many different Halloween cocktails to choose from that sometimes it can be hard cutting it down to just a few, but remembering too many cocktail recipes…………..the solution is to buy some Halloween cocktail recipe cards and keep them on hand when you’re mixing up Halloween drinks that will wow your guests.

Another option is to simply serve cocktails that you know in funky Halloween glassware and re-name them thinks such as the Voltuiri Kiss, Blackbeard’s Revenge, Sweet Murder, Zombie Blood…….you get the idea and feel free to use any of these names if you get stuck thinking up your own 🙂

Bloody Cocktail 2
This cocktail is simply labeled the Bloody Cocktail and although I don’t know what’s in it I can tell you how you can achieve the same look.   Simply mix up a White Russian (kahlua, vodka and cream or half and half).   Use Karo syrup around the edge of a wine glass (you can check out how to do this at the Vampire Cocktails page), next drape a gummy worm over the side of the glass.

There you have it a spooky looking cocktail ideal for Halloween and yet a cocktail recipe that you probably already know and love.

Want more ideas for a Halloween Cocktail or two then be sure to check out my huge Halloween Cocktail post brimming full of recipe ideas.

Ghoulishly Cool Halloween Cocktails

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