Halloween Cake Special

There are delicious cake ideas for every season, but some of the most creative ones seem to come out at Halloween.

I do love cakes decorated with spiders, ghosts, witches and graveyards, especially if they taste wickedly delicious {{insert evil laugh}}.   Today I thought I should start thinking about Halloween again as it’s June already and the summer months do tend to race by.   With this in mind I surfed the net looking for some cool Halloween cakes – I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I did.

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Halloween Spider Cup Cake

Isn’t this spider cupcake delicious looking – I think using the orange icing just makes that big, black spider really ‘pop’.

But wait there’s more spidery goodness coming up with this ugly looking spider ……. bite him before he can bite you!


Spider Cake

Now that’s what I call a scary looking spider cake – don’t you think?

If you’re all spidered out how about some Ghostly Goodness?


halloween Cake

I think this cake looks really cute and would go down really well for a child’s Halloween cake.

But wait, what’s a few ghosts without a house for them to live in –


haunted house Halloween cake

I just love this haunted house cake it’s cute and fun and looks like it would taste absolutely delicious.

If you want one that looks a little more evil (and is chocolate, always a bonus!) then you’ll love this next one –


death by chocolate

Of course a great thing about Halloween cakes is that you can also get Halloween cupcakes (yes I do realize that the first cake I showed was a cupcake).   I love, love, love cupcakes so I decided to leave the last couple of pictures to some delicious Halloween cupcakes.   Check them out here –


Brains and Ghosts Mummy Cupcakes

Until next time, start making your Halloween plans early this year and make your Halloween the best ever.

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