Cool Batman & Robin Costume Shirts

I first came across costume t-shirts last year when I saw some Big Bang Theory costume shirts which I thought were absolutely awesome.   Recently I’ve come across even more cool costume shirts including these Batman and Robin shirts.   What I think is great about these is that they come with capes attached – how cool is that?

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If you don’t want a cape it’s okay they’re held on with velcro on the shoulders so it’s easy enough to take them off and just wear the t-shirt.

Batman Dark Knight Armor Costume & Cape T-Shirt

This first shirt has so much attention to detail in the body – just look at it.   If you know someone who loves the whole Batman franchise, but isn’t too keen on dressing up for Halloween you might just be able to get them to don this shirt with a pair of black pants – awesome!

Now you can’t possibly have Batman without Robin which is why I’m really happy that the same company have also produced a caped Robin costume t-shirt –

Robin Caped Armor Costume T-Shirt

Both of these shirts have received a lot of positive feedback from customers who say they look just as good in real life which makes me really want to get one or both!

Have you ever worn a costume t-shirt or do you go for a full costume or nothing?

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